We provide progressive, leading-edge medical billing solutions and specialized consulting services to organizations seeking a reliable partner with expertise in revenue cycle management, business process outsourcing and emergency relief for practices experiencing financial crisis related to their billing processes.

Medical Billing Services

Sertus was designed from the ground up by career medical billing specialists to provide comprehensive medical billing solutions and consulting services that integrate with your existing infrastructure and business partners to stabilize your cash flow. From electronic claim submission to payment analysis to managing insurance and patient account receivables, our solutions cover all aspects of the medical billing cycle.

Why choose Sertus as
your partner?

Increase Cash Flow
Practice Analysis
Monthly Detailed Reporting
Technology Changes/Costs
Minimize Office Staff
Patient Care Focus
Collaborative experience and expertise
HIPAA Compliant Solutions


Our Clients

We partner with a wide range of healthcare providers throughout the United State including physician offices, facility-based practices such as ER physicians, hospitalists, long term care providers, radiologists and more. Additionally, we help billing companies and business process outsourcing companies with operational and customer centric performance.

Is it time to Outsource your Medical Billing & Collections?

Statistically, medical billing outsourcing improves your cash flow and collections. Find out if outsourcing is right for you by taking our short Readiness Quiz.

Take the Readiness Quiz

Are you satisfied with your key financial metrics from month to month?

Does your practice consistently pursue payment when claims are denied?

Do you have staff dedicated to tracking and following up on claims without responses?

Does your practice have difficulty posting payments accurately and/or in a timely manner?

Does your staff spend a significant amount of time on administrative burdens instead of revenue generating activities?

Is your net collection rate more than 90%

Do you have Accounts Receivable (A/R) over 90 days in excess of 10%?

Do you maximize patient revenue by offering multiple payment methods such as credit cards, eCheck, bank accounts, HSA, FSA, and HRA?

Do you offer patients an online portal to streamline payments and statements?

Are you confident that you have the necessary resources to maximize your revenue?