Premium Services


Our Premium Services give customization to the Practice Management processes that are directly linked to providing advanced Medical Billing services.

Analytics Platform

  • Robust reports on denial reasons, paid amounts, contractual write-offs, insurance allowables to name a few.
  • Gain knowledge on percentages of clean claims versus claims that are reworked and resubmitted.

EOB Conversion Services/ EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer)/ ERA (Electronic Remittance Advices)

  • Improves cash flow by obtaining funds faster
  • Improves turnaround time
  • Decreases posting errors

Robust Denial Management

  • Utilizing information from electronic remittances allows for quicker resolution on denied claims.
  • Reports can be utilized to improve processes and reduce denials.

Mobile Charge Capture Solution

  • On the go charge capture that integrates with the practice management system for faster input and billing

Lockbox Services

  • A solution that gives two separate lockboxes. One for patient payments and one for insurance payments.
  • Integrates with the practice management system for automated posting.
  • Improves turnaround time between money received and payments posted.
  • The practice eliminates the management of preparing a deposit and taking the funds to the financial institution of choice.

Practice Management Solution with an EMR compatible product

  • Utilizing Integration and interfaces between products to make processes efficient and seamless.

Patient Portal

  • Allows the practice staff, patient and billing office to run transactions real time.
  • Patients can pay from the comfort of their home.
  • Practice staff can run a transactions for a check or credit card real time and determine the funds are available before the patient leaves the office.
  • Billing office staff can run the credit cards over the phone real time and post daily to the patients account for adjudication.
  • Not only a portal to run credit cards but a portal that becomes a communication tool between physician and patient.

Upgrade the Medical Billing Experience

A summary of premium services and how they benefit your practice:

  • Robust Denial Management Tools for quicker resolution of denied claims
  • EOB to ERA Tools allow us to convert your outdated Explanation of Benefits forms to Electronic Remittance Advices to improve cash flow
  • Lockbox Services to better track patient and insurance payments
  • Patient Portal facilitates real-time transactions
  • Analytics Platform to help manage cash flow