Why Partner with Sertus?

We’re specialists. Seasoned professionals with in-depth knowledge of best practice methodologies and how to customize them to seamlessly integrate with your practice. Additionally, we have dedicated personnel who continuously enrich our knowledge base and resources through research, seminars, certification and other critical educational endeavors, to ensure we are able to maintain a steady cash flow that keeps pace with your production.

Traditional in-house medical billing is a fixed cost, a cost that can put you in the red when business slows down, or leave you short handed when production suddenly increases.  At Sertus, we base our fees on the volume of your practice’s production. Thus, your practice’s medical billing expenses become variable, rising and falling with your rate of production. If your production drops, costs drop. However, when production rises your costs do not increase disproportionately.

Taking advantage of outsourcing your medical billing to Sertus transfers overhead costs while relieving you of the need to staff and manage a medical billing operation onsite.


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