Sertus Medical Billing

Increase Cash Flow
Our expertise and proprietary technology dramatically increase efficiency to maximize cash flow.

Practice Analysis
Daily, weekly, and/or monthly user-friendly reporting maintained to review the health of the practice, while we stay ahead of industry changes ensuring your practice billing is compliant with insurance and regulatory requirements.

Monthly Detailed Reporting
Reporting based on the practice needs with key performance Indicators created, monitored and adhered to.

Technology Changes/Costs
Sertus takes the burden off the practice by maintaining, training and continually researching for the best tools that fit the needs of the practice.

Minimize Office Staff
Our rigorous hiring criteria and steadfast commitment to on-going education ensures your medical billing will be handled by a best in class team and relieves you of the responsibility of managing and maintaining a staff on site.

Patient Care Focus
We share your desire to provide the highest quality care to your patients, which is why outsourcing with us frees you to do what you do best while we take care of the rest.

Collaborative experience and expertise
Sertus simply becomes an extension of your office with personnel with years of experience who are certified and have the expertise in the revenue cycle management process.

HIPAA Compliant Solutions
We utilize technology that meet HIPAA requirements and are certified solutions for revenue cycle management process.